Money Matters: High School Opens Own Credit Union

Thanks to a new program, some Godby High School students now fit the bill. Principal Randy Pridgeon is first in line to open up an account at the Cougar Credit Union, a student-run full service financial center on the campus Of Godby High School.

"I've been a member of another credit union for years and years, but I have faith in this program."

The Cougar Credit Union provides a unique and innovative approach to teaching financial principals to students. Here, teens can start savings, checking, and even credit card accounts without ever leaving school grounds.

Forty-five students are enrolled in Godby's academy of finance. It's one of the many programs geared to give students a head start on life after high school.

With more than 100 banks and credit unions in the Tallahassee area, the teen tellers are turning a high school class into a possible life-long career. Envision Credit Union along with Godby High School launched the Cougar Credit Union.