Hotel Reservations For Football Games Posing Problems for Katrina Evacuees

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Florida State University is playing Miami in one of its biggest rivalries of the year on Monday. Some 80,000 fans are expected for the game in Tallahassee. The thousands of fans who will be in town on Monday night will need a place to stay this weekend. That's not good news for Hurricane Katrina victims who are also staying in hotel rooms. That’s why FSU officials are encouraging football fans to stay with family and friends. Wendy Houpy and Foister Blair, who fled New Orleans, were told they would have to get out to make room for football fans, but worked out a deal with the hotel. They say staying in a shelter would only add to their stress.

“Not knowing if you have a home. I try to stay calm.

“It’s hard to keep the family together. I mean you sit there with nothing to do, no semblance of order to life."

For those who do need a place to stay, the American Red Cross has a shelter in Tallahassee.

“We have two families; one with six, the other with 15, who will be moving here tomorrow because they are paid up through 11:00 tomorrow and they’ll have to get out.”

While the Red Cross prepares for more victims, evacuees like Foister and Wendy hope hotel owners will show compassion for those who have already lost so much.