Last Gas(p)?

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In Bainbridge, Georgia, suppliers say the gas lines are running at a reduced rate, but they are continuously adding pumps. They say there is enough gas to supply stations, and the terminals will be re-supplied next Monday. But drivers say they are worried about the rising gas prices.

"I'm very upset about it because of the economy and my budget. But we just have to bite the bullet and hope and pray that it does go down."

"I think gas prices suck, but you gotta pay the price if you're gonna ride. Keep your vehicles filled up and pray for a miracle."

Some gas stations in Bainbridge are rationing gas, limiting purchases to 10-gallons per customer. Some drivers say they are planning ahead.

"I gotta start walking it looks like cause you can't ride. Take your whole check when you buy gas."

“I've been storing a lot of gas in the gas jugs just in case of anything like that do happen so that I can go back and forth to work. So I hope that a lot of folks are doing the same thing."

Gas distributors say their biggest problem is not gas supply, but customers panicking, buying unnecessary gas and filling fuel containers. They add that if people just fill their gas tanks when needed, it will help ease the gas problem locally.