No Room at the Inn?

It's a tough decision to make, but a lot of families are leaning toward the idea of trying to get home after their hotels have warned them they will soon have to leave their rooms.

Lori Payne and her daughter know what desperation feels like.

"We're here from New Orleans. We don't know what we lost. We don't know what we have to go back to. We hear it's really bad," says Lori.

The Paynes have been in Tallahassee for almost a week and may be leaving very soon.

"The hotel told us we had to leave Sunday because they have a game, a football game, and are totally booked," she adds.

The Payne family may try to take the long road back, closer to home, but just in case they can't leave, Matt Lippman says, "My wife and I have watched the news and just feel like we have to do something."

Matt Lippman and his family have opened their hearts and their home to the Payne family with an offer to live with them for as long as necessary.

Matt Lippman says, "It's just mankind. It's such a tragedy and what they're going through. We have to be able to survive together."

With thousands coming into town for two home football games, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation says there's a Florida statute that says those reservations must be honored.

John Citron says, "The rub comes when you have folks already in rooms. We've made every attempt to find availability in shelters, private homes, churches, and we feel like we're doing a good job; the community really stepped forward."

The Tallahassee Area Convention and Visitor's Bureau says you can call 850-488-BEDS. There you'll be able to see if there are any available hotel rooms, and there is also a Red Cross shelter open in Tallahassee.

Volunteers say more than a dozen people checked in Friday since being asked to leave their hotels.