Gas Prices Impacting Holiday Travel Plans

A record 34.5 million Americans are expected to get behind the wheel this weekend and drive 50 miles or more away from home.

Gas prices may be three dollars plus per gallon, but it's not stopping Tom Kemble from hitting the highway.

Tom says, "We're driving to Nashville and I don't anticipate changing that at all."

AAA is expecting more than 34 million people to hit the road during the three day holiday weekend. It's not necessarily the prices that are keeping Lola Smith at home, it's all the empty pumps.

Lola says, "So we got to stay here 'cause, you know, there's no gas, we could not go nowhere and it's a holiday too. You can't much travel if you wanted to travel."

These electric crews are headed to Louisiana. They had to scout around town to find enough gas to fill their 50 gallon tanks.

Rick Chapman, Distribution Manager for Texas Utilities, says, "We're anticipating problems with fuel along our route to where we're headed, but I think our company is bringing in some fuel trucks. That's a really high priority for us; we can't do any good if we can't get there."

A spokesman with the Florida Petroleum Marketers says if you do hit the highway this Labor Day weekend, expect outages at half of Florida's stations at any given time.