Cotton Harvest Is Underway in South Georgia

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Cotton in south Georgia is ripe for the pickin', and farmer Joshua Herring says he needs dry weather to harvest and admits his eyes were on Hurricane Wilma earlier this week.

Joshua says, "It did concern us, but now that they're talking about how it's going to possibly miss us; it's got us relaxed a little bit, but we still want to get our crop out as quick as we can."

Father Josh Herring, owner of Boston Gin Company, says, "We had a lot of heat units, the temperature above 95 degrees that we get concerned about, but all and all since the leaves have been knocked off and defoliated, that cotton is looking good. We got some grades back, and it's grading well."

At the Herring's Boston Gin Company, cotton is rolling in, being stripped of its seeds and ready to ship. Herring says early projections are good for the Peach State.

"South Georgia is going to fair pretty well."

And for growers nationwide.

"Domestic use of cotton products in the U.S. is higher than it's ever been, and we're glad to see that people are still using cotton."

Because as they say, "Cotton is king, " a title that still gives cotton farmers something to smile about.

Josh Herring says nationwide estimates show cotton growers will produce about 23 million bales of cotton this year.