Orange and Green on the Way

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Homecoming brings a lot of people and traffic along with them, but they also bring their wallets, and many businesses can't wait.

Cash register ringing is the sound restaurant owner Olean McCaskill expects to hear a lot of this weekend as she gets ready for FAMU's homecoming 2005.

Olean says, "Goin’ on eight years I've been into homecoming, so I know what it's all about. It's fixing to be real."

The annual event swells Tallahassee population by the thousands, and not only on game day.

SGT Chris Chase of the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "It’s not just the football traffic coming in and then the game and then going home, this lasts two days, day before, day after, and including this, traffic stays in town."

Expect traffic tie-ups at major intersections, crowds at the malls and of course, crowds around campus.

Law enforcement advises you to plan ahead. Businesses plan to rake in the bucks.

Olean says she's going to need extra food and will open an hour early on Saturday just to accommodate the crowd.

Olean says, "And I just love feeding em food. That's my most special part. I love to feed the people. It's going to be off the chain."

And she says with lines out her door, you better come early.

FAMU's game against Norfolk State kicks off at 3 p.m. on Saturday. The day will begin with an 8 a.m. parade from Frenchtown to downtown.

FSU preparations for their homecoming festivities begin on Sunday and continue next week.