2005 Educational Assessment

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Education Commissioner John Winn announce Florida students' educational progress.

Results of the 2005 National Assessment of Educational Progress show improvements for Florida in fourth grade math and reading over the national average.

Iris Wilson, the assistant superintendent of Leon County schools, comments, "Certainly Leon County is doing very well. We're very pleased with our scores when we look at other assessments that our students have taken. We don't have a lot of information by district, but knowing that we're a part of the schools that make up the students tested in Florida makes us feel real proud."

For the first time, fourth grade Florida students surpassed the national average in math by improving two points since 2003. In reading, Florida fourth graders matched the national increase of one point.

Natasha Morrison, a mother in Leon County, adds, "I'm very excited about that being that my son is in the third grade here at Brevard. He's made improvements, especially with the after school program that's helped him a lot."

Natasha's son Nicholas Hughes is a 3rd grader. He add, "I've gotten better in reading, because we took a test in reading, than last year; I got my pages done more faster."

For eighth graders, Florida students improved in math three points compared to 2003, but are four points below the national average.

Eighth grade reading scores dropped one point, mirroring the national average. African-American and Hispanic students continued positive trends in reading and mathematics, exceeding national performance levels.

Students with disabilities in Florida ranked above the national average for the first time.