Medical Evacuees From Gulf Coast Arriving in Florida

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About 40 medical evacuees from hurricane-stricken New Orleans were flown in aboard a military plane Sunday night as a team of doctors and nurses awaited them at a makeshift hospital.

Fifteen physicians and more than 100 nurses, pharmacists, social workers and other volunteers from hospitals and the American Red Cross met the Air Force C-130 after it landed and began unloading patients, some walking, some on stretchers and others on wheelchairs, into the medical facility set up at a US Coast Guard Station at Opa-locka's airport.

A total of three children and 36 adults were on the plane, and some were critically ill.

Patients were being treated and evaluated at the airport and sent to hospitals around the state. Another plane load was expected to arrive in Tampa, and at least one other plane loaded with evacuees was expected in Miami in the coming days.

The arrival was part of a 15-plane dispersal of evacuees from the Gulf Coast area.