Holiday Weekend Travel

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Traffic was light on Atlanta highways while gas stations that were fortunate enough to have fuel were still charging more than $3.00 a gallon.

In West Virginia, 10 percent of stations ran out of at least one grade of gas, and in Colorado, motorists were encouraged to drive less.

The holiday weekend was off to a rough start for travelers as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina continued to take its toll at the pump.

Georgia State Patrol spokesman trooper Larry Schnall said traffic was light Saturday.

For those who did plan to take trips, scattered fuel shortages caused in part by panicked drivers stocking up on gas and record-high prices at stations that did have gas weren't making things fun on the nation's roads.

A spokeswoman for Colonial Pipeline Company, which carries gasoline, home heating oil and jet fuel through points from Houston to New York, said that the pipeline was at 73 percent capacity on gasoline and distillate lines and expected to be back to normal operations by the end of the holiday weekend.