Valdosta Parks and Rec. Director Quits

A south Georgia district attorney is now considering filing charges against the former Parks and Recreation director for Valdosta-Lowndes County.

Brocky Brock resigned form his job and is now promising to pay back thousands of dollars in "questionable" softball tournament money that whistleblowers say he kept for himself.

Brocky Brock has resigned from his job after whistleblowers accused him of keeping $39,000 in softball tournament money that was supposed to be turned over to the city government.

Larry Hanson, Valdosta City Manger, says, "He's agreed to make restitution in the amount of $39,000 for any questions about any of those issues. He agreed to restitution while not admitting wrongdoing or admitting fault."

Brock could not be reached for comment, but he did tell the Valdosta Daily Times: “I steadfastly deny any wrongful conduct and I would never knowingly do anything contrary to public interest."

Valdosta Mayor John Fretti says he and other city leaders simply will not stand for this type of problem, and steps are being taken to make sure this problem doesn't happen in the future.

John Fretti says, "I want people to know my administration is upholding the highest of ethical standards and have a zero tolerance police on acts like this, and the elected officials trust the city manager to investigate to the ‘Nth’ degree."

Hanson adds, "The files have been submitted to the district attorney and he will determine what actions will follow."

Meaning the once trusted head of the Parks and Rec Department could still face criminal charges.