Raintree Village in Need

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It may sound like the Brady Bunch, but not quite.

"We have three of our own and we have seven here in our house that are residents of Raintree, so we have a total of 10," says Sandra Vernon.

Vernon's family is special, but by no means ordinary.

"We provide them with a stable environment; we provide them a safe environment where they can come and know they're not going to get abused or neglected and they're going to receive the necessities of life, and they're going to receive love and care," says Raintree Village's executive administrator, Kenny Holton.

Social worker Jackie Barker says, "If you can't be at home, this is a nice place to be."

The folks at Raintree Village Children's Home greatly depend on donation from the community, and for most of their 40 years that's worked pretty well.

The shelves in Raintree's warehouse are normally stocked full, but since the hurricanes hit the Gulf Coast donations have been low and since the village takes care of these kids 24/7, they need all the help they can get.

Vernon says, "We're always in need of the things that children use every day."

That includes everything from bed sheets to loaves of bread. Whatever anyone has to offer, Raintree is willing to take. Raintree Village has two thrift stores in Valdosta, the Bargain Barn and the Charity Shop. All proceeds from both the stores go directly to Raintree Village.