A Recent Crime Spree Has Thomasville Police Asking Drivers to Be Cautious

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Thomasville police say victims of an October auto theft spree in the Rose City made themselves easy targets.

Police are asking citizens to be cautious, and around town drivers such as Lauren Grubbs say they're already very careful when parking their cars.

Lauren says, "I always lock my car, I always, and I have a spotlight that shines on my car at home and I have my lovely panic button that I will not hesitate to press, so I feel pretty safe."

In each of the recent auto theft cases, Thomasville police say a few, simple precautionary steps may have prevented them from becoming victims.

SGT Rachelle Denmark says, "We can take our keys out of the car, roll the windows up, lock our doors, take the valuables out of the car so that their not visible to someone walking past. "We want you to feel safe, but wherever there's any type of population of people, things will happen and crimes can occur."

SGT Denmark also advises drivers to park their cars in crowded and well lit areas, preemptive measures to help prevent a repeat of this month's crime spree.

Thomasville police say the three teens arrested in this month's theft spree are ages 13, 14 and 15. Police say they're facing felony charges of motor vehicle theft and entering an auto.