There’s disagreement over an agreement to settle the long running Fallschase development project. It may all come to a head at a big public hearing next week.

One Leon County commissioner thinks things should not have gotten this far.

Leon County Commissioner Bob Rackleff says he's got a lot of concerns over the Fallschase agreement. Despite some changes made last week during a special workshop, he says there's still a lot of things wrong.

He points out the proposed construction of 80 houses along the lake in a flood plane.

Bob Rackleff says, "They continue to make outrageous demands on the county and the public, virtually no provision in there does not violate state law or our comprehensive plan."

Rackleff says Fallschase developers follow the laws as they are now that there should be no exceptions based on previous agreements. He says this agreement is illegal and should not have even gone as far as public hearing.

Chief negotiator for Fallschase, Rick Bateman, says Rackleff is wrong.

Rick Bateman says, "It's an agreement the Legislature thought was a good idea so that the developers and the county know where they were in regard to where they were. It's appropriate and should be voted on by the commission and approved so we can move on with development."

Bateman adds the developers are following the law. As for the future of the agreement, that will be up for debate among commissioners and the people of Leon County.