Lion Returns to Leon High School

It was a real blow for students and alumni of Leon High when pranksters stole the school mascot a few weeks ago and set it on fire.

You might knock them down, but we're going to get back up all day long! The Leon High School Lion is back.

Bigger, stronger, faster than ever before, and most importantly, non-flammable. And it doesn't take much to drum up support for this new solid bronze indestructible Lion, permanently mounted on a trailer.

Six weeks ago, the Leon High School Lion became the latest victim of a long standing rivalry with Lincoln High School.

Deputies say two Lincoln High School students and ex-student stole the Lion, and used it as fuel for a bon fire.

Leon students and faculty say the bell will toll for anyone who tries to take this Lion from their den.

The state prosecutor says the teens will be doing community service, and writing an apology to Leon High School.

The three teens also paid $500 each for the new Lion.