Remains Found

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A missing person's case takes a turn for the worst in Apalachicola, Florida, as authorities find human remains deep in the forest.

With no ID yet, investigators say it could take weeks for dental records to be processed, but a few personal belongings tell a different story that doesn't bode well for the family of 19-year-old Pamela Kinney, a high school graduate who's been missing for weeks.

She's an Apalachicola native, a high school graduate, and recently a missing person.

“She went to dinner with girlfriends and that was it, I never saw her no more.”

Nineteen-year-old Pamela Kinney disappeared in mid-August. Some believe she ran away; others feared the worst

Pam was last seen on the same street as her grandfather's home. Relatives say she had no enemies, no reason to disappear.

"Everybody knows everybody; it's a shock to the entire community."

It’s a shock that turned tragic when a hunter stumbled upon human remains.

"Instead of missing person case, it's certain to be foul play."

Authorities say the skeleton appears to be that of Pamela Kinney, but they need dental records for confirmation. Family and friends hold out hope, but reality sets in when Pamela's belongings are found at the crime scene.

Hope, sorrow and anger are raging through the Kinney family.

The teenager's grandfather is a county commissioner and says he wishes the law had treated his granddaughter's case the same as a juvenile missing person's case. Putting out an Amber Alert may have made a difference.