Thomasville Man Arrested for Credit Card Fraud

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Investigators say Howard Mitchell, Jr., owner of The Home Place personal care home, impersonated one of his residents and requested an ATM card while the victim was in the hospital.

They add Mitchell stole around $3,000 from the victim’s checking account. Investigators say the victim's family contacted law enforcement.

INV Pascal Autrey with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office says, "We interviewed Mr. Mitchell one time; he denied it. Afterward we got more evidence and some surveillance tapes. We brought him down and after a brief interview he did admit he was the one that wrote the letter and carried out the fraudulent ID theft."

Investigators say Mitchell is charged with 30 counts of credit card fraud. They add each count holds a $5,000 fee and one to three years in prison per charge.

The Sheriff's Office believes there may be other victims in Thomasville and at his personal care home in Monticello.