Florida Second in the Nation for Low Unemployment Rates

Florida is now second only to Hawaii in creating new jobs and keeping the unemployment rate down, according to latest numbers from the Agency for Workforce Development.

When Roosevelt West moved to the Tallahassee area a year ago he needed to find a job.
He found it at Workforce Plus.

In fact, he works there, helping others find work.

Roosevelt West says, "They give you a very helpful to put people in positions where they are effective; it's a great place to look for work."

West is among the 173,000 people in the Tallahassee metro area, which includes four counties who have secured a job, putting the area's unemployment rate at 3.2 percent for September.

It's among the top six Florida metro areas with the lowest unemployment, but Workforce Plus wants to do even better.

Zsa Zsa Ingram-Fitzpatrick says, "We've seen a large growth in the it industry, here in our area, there's been a lot of growth, also in the university sectors, they are branching out in a lot of they services provide."

Wakulla County has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state.

Fitzpatrick says things might even look better in the coming months since we're getting into the busy hiring season. She has faith, but she'll have to wait and see what the future numbers will hold.

The U.S. Department of Labor ranks Georgia at number 32 in the country. The Peach State shows an unemployment rate of 5.3 percent.