Broadway Performers Return Home to Tallahassee

There’s a homecoming of sorts this weekend for now-famous alumni of Tallahassee's Young Actors Theatre.

The seven who got their start on stage in Tallahassee are flying in from Hollywood and Broadway for a show this weekend.

Tony Hale, who plays Buster on the comedy "Arrested Development," will be sharing the stage with the likes of Erika McLeod and Jay Jaski, who are both veterans of Broadway.

Erika Macleod Mandell says, "Everybody has stage fright of some sort, just, you're afraid you're going to forget the lyrics, you're afraid your voice isn't going to be in the best shape that night or, but overall, once you get out there the energy of the audience, that's what's so great about live theater."

Jay Jaski adds, "Knowing I was singing tons of high Cs on a Broadway stage with Harvey Firestein and Angela Lansbury and all these people, I'll never forget that, letting it sing out."

Erika starred as Fontine in Les Mis before taking the stage in London, and Jay helped script Miss Saigon and arrange the upcoming Johnny Cash Revue.

Showtime for "Broadway and Beyond" is 8 o'clock Saturday at Young Actors Theatre in Tallahassee.