Troops’ Support Rally

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Since the Iraq war began in 2003, the American death toll has exceeded 2000. This number has Americans thinking a lot more about the battles that continues.

As the death toll in Iraq continues to rise, it seems the number of Americans supporting the war falls.

The announcement of the death toll in Iraq reaching 2,000 brings a day of remembrance and vigils. At Valdosta State University, students hold a silent demonstration. One participant has a message for President Bush.

"Knowing that he's a human being, there's gotta be something in his gut that has to tell him this is wrong, there's something in his gut, and I wish he'd stop listening to his wallet and listen to his heart," say Michael Jeffers.

A candlelight vigil on the courthouse steps follows the VSU demonstration. The message there is similar.

Michael Noll says, "We want our troops to come home, we want our government to find an exit strategy to get out of Iraq."

Most of Wednesday night's demonstrators feel the same, but one says he understands our troops cannot pick up and leave all at once.

"I still don't think we should pull them all out and just say, 'hey, let's quit. Let's call it a day," says Chad Oates.

People all around the world have their own opinions about this war, but everyone seems to agree that we should honor those 2,000 heroes who gave their lives for the home of the brave.