Valdosta Sends Help

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Just before 4 a.m. Wednesday, a group from the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office packed up their gear and supplies, ready for a relief and support mission, to help the Sheriff's Department in Harrison County, Mississippi, just east of New Orleans.

Ashley Paulk, Lowndes County Sheriff, says, "The Louisiana area seems pretty well secured with National Guard. We still have shortages along the Gulf Coast. Sheriff Pane in Harrison County, Mississippi is where we're headed. We're carting provisions, mainly water, and we're going to aid in whatever we can as for law enforcement."

These men and women are expecting to help for at least 10 days, and even longer if they are needed.

Deputies say even though the sign on their doors say 'Lowndes County Sheriff's Office' they'll go and serve wherever they are needed.

DEP Wanda Edwards says, "The entire thing about this job is it's satisfying to serve your community. Right now, their community needs us more than our does. Of course, if something happens here, we're on our way back. We're wherever we're needed."

Paulk adds, "It’s just a situation where that's what we're in the business to do, to aid people, no matter where, anywhere in the U.S., anywhere in the world."

The sheriff says more deputies want to help out, and they may be called upon, depending on how bad the situation remains in southern Mississippi.

Deputies say their main job will likely be helping provide relief for the deputies who've been working since the storm struck.