Ballots on the Way!

It took nine days, hundreds of man hours, and now the ballots for the coal plant referendum are on their way to Tallahassee voters.

Leon County Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho says this is the largest mail-out election in the history of north Florida.

The question for voters is should the city participate in the North Florida Power Project if it's going to be built in Taylor County?

Sancho says he expects at least a 50 percent return rate.

Ion Sancho says, "Rather than over 100,000 people going over to 100 locations in the community, we're sending the ballots to the voter in the privacy of their own home, and what can be more convenient than that?"

The ballots could arrive in mailboxes as early as Saturday. Sancho reminds you to make sure you sign the affidavit envelope, or your vote will not count.