Shooting Near FAMU Campus

At last word, 24-year-old Jitu Lee was in stable condition and police now have two men in custody for questioning.

It all happened in front of an apartment on Hudson Street about one o'clock Friday afternoon.

Police say Lee was fighting with two other men. There were at least two volleys of gunfire, and Lee wound up being stabbed in his own driveway.

LT Ed Smith with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "We found a lot of blood. We found a victim who had been stabbed. Residents in the area reported there were multiple volleys of gunshots, so we're investigating a shooting incident but we do believe the victim we have at the hospital is actually the victim of a stabbing."

A Ford Taurus is what witnesses described leaving the scene. Its back window is shot out and its front windshield is riddled with bullet holes. It was found abandoned on Broad Street on the other side of campus.

Police say they're not sure what sparked the shootout and stabbing.