Georgia Eighth Graders Must Now Pass CRCT

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Eighth grade student Lizzie Kornegay says she's taken the CRCT in the past, and doesn't anticipate having any problems next time she takes the test.

"It's, It's not too challenging. It is kind of hard, but if you're prepared for it it's not a big deal," says Kornegay.

In the past, the CRCT was only a requirement for 3rd and 5th graders, but starting this year 8th graders here at Thomas County Middle School and throughout the Peach State must pass the test in order to move on to high school.

"That is a huge change. It's a huge change for our students and parents to be aware of," says Dr. Kathy Keown, Title One Director for Thomas County schools.

Dr. Keown says Thomas County schools will be informing parents about the changes at a workshop this Thursday, November 3.

Dr. Keown says students who fail the test will have options including summer school and re-testing, but says those are second chances that can be avoided by making sure parents and eighth graders such as Lizzie Kornegay are prepared when CRCT testing begins next spring.

The CRCT is comparable to Florida’s FCAT.

Again, the Thomas County school system is inviting parents to an information workshop on CRCT changes this Thursday.

The session will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Thomas County Middle School cafeteria.