Frightening Tour of Tallahassee!

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Florida's capital city is rich in history, but its long years also contribute to a long list of ghost tales, including some at the old cemetery.

"They actually found scratch marks. They were concerned that because 19th century medicine was not very good that people were actually buried when they were in a coma and not quite dead yet," says local historian Jackson Maynerd.

He says spirits may still walk these grounds.

"This particularly tall grave here behind me faces to the west, and because it’s been rumored for years that the woman buried there, Elizabeth Bud Graham was rumored to be a witch."

The graveyard is not the only site in town that gives people the “heebie jeebies.”

The Chamber of Commerce building is believed to have a ghost waiting for her husband to return from the Civil War. It's said she sometimes appears in front of the fireplace.

"Several years ago there was a maid that was so scared by things she was seeing here at the house that she refused to work alone here after hours."

Today some downtown employees are still afraid to work alone. At the Exchange Bank building, it’s not what employees see, but what they hear and don't see.

"There have been reports of keyboards just typing on their own, strange noises, gun shots, lights at strange hours all throughout the bank."