Safety Expo

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Public safety officials are putting on a safety expo Saturday to help prevent deadly accidents.

Jim Fielding, Lowndes County Fire Chief, says, "It’s all interactive. The people who come out here free of charge will be able to see and interact with everything that's there. We've got car safety, we've got truck safety, we've got fire safety from our department."

This will be the first ever safety expo in Lowndes County, and officials hope scenes like this will help create real change in people's habits.

Officials say this expo is designed to be very fun and informative, meaning you'll get a few hours of entertainment plus some information that could help save your life in years to come.

Paige Dukes, spokesperson, says, "Many times you go expos like the one in Moultrie where you see a lot of vendors giving away things wanting you to but their products. This event was never designed to be a trade show. It’s meant to be an educational safety day."

A day filled with realistic demonstrations, plus informative discussions from emergency first responders should help make our area a little safer.

The event will take place at the Lowndes County Civic Center Saturday starting at 9 a.m. in the morning.