Evacuee Student Glad to Be in Thomasville School

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New Orleans native Nick Lacour thought he'd never look forward to school.

Nick says, "You meet friends, just not used to not going to school, except for during summer, but summer's over."

Nick enrolled at Thomas County Central High School this week. He along with his mother and dog "Punky" escaped New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina came onshore.

They're staying with family in Thomas County, allowing Nick to enroll in school.

Julie Lacour, Nick's mom, says, "He loves the school; they've been wonderful, the administration, the teachers, the kids. I can't thank them enough. He fits right in, and he's having a great time."

School officials say being back on a schedule and just being around kids their age, brings a sense of normalcy to young evacuees.

Nick adds, "I was just staying at home all day doing nothing. I had some work at my family, my aunt and uncle's house. There was nothing to do. You don't want to go to school, but you kind of do want to go to school."

Nick's mother says she's not sure how long they will stay in Thomas County, but for Nick and other young evacuees, enrolling in school is a relief and a way to keep his mind off the situation back home.