Local Universities Welcome Students Displaced by Katrina

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Florida A & M University extends a warm welcome to Kamesha Jones. She's one of dozens of students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

So far, some 20 students from Xavier, Southern University and Dillard are turning to Florida A & M to continue their education.

Tallahassee Community College is also putting out the welcome mat for displaced students, offering the Eagles’ Nest as a safe haven and a track to normalcy.

FAMU is holding the door open for displaced students until September 16 so they can get in and get on with class.

TCC president Bill Law expects to see more displaced students come next semester.

Florida State University is enrolling displaced students as well. So far, more than 50 have signed up. FSU's deadline is Friday so students can be in class on Monday morning.

Both FAMU and FSU are waiving out-of-state tuition fees.