A Couple Reunited Days After Hurricane

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Stories of rescue, and the human tragedy left in the wake of the storm have captivated viewers since Hurricane Katrina made landfall. Those heartfelt stories will forever touch our lives.

It was seven agonizing days since Lois Stanovitch heard from her husband Herman, but were finally reunited in Madison County. Lois says her husband was adamant about staying in Louisiana, while she and her son left the state seeking refuge elsewhere. She says she watched in horror as her beloved city became a watery grave, fearing for her husband's safety.

What Lois didn't know was that water was quickly surrounding her house, forcing the military to rescue the stranded.

Lois says she left messages with family hoping someone would call her with news of her husband's whereabouts, but to no avail. Their son found his father's name among the thousands who were displaced at various locations. And Monday the family reunited in Madison, where he shared his story of survival and rescue.

The Stanoviches say the generosity of Americans in both Alabama and Florida have been overwhelming, and they're grateful to so many people for their outpouring of compassion.