Drug Bust in South Georgia

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Drug agents say one family was supplying cocaine to many drug dealers in south Georgia at home in a very rural and secluded part of the county

Agents with the Thomas County Narcotics Division say Thomas Gosier, along with sister Valarie, brother Daniel and two others, are being held in the Dougherty County Jail Tuesday night.

Agents say the Gosiers ran a lucrative cocaine ring from their Brooks County home.

Kevin Lee of the Thomas County Vice Division says, "It's a huge ring. Just ounces, thousands upon thousands of dollars of cocaine coming to Thomas County, Grady, Lanier County, Lowndes County and Brooks County."

Lee says the arrests are part of long investigation involving his division, the federal DEA, the Brooks County Sheriff's Office, and Quitman Police.

Chief Wesley Ross, Quitman Police Chief, says, "It takes a lot of people to work together to accomplish it. Our small communities like Brooks County, City of Quitman, just don't have the resources the federal government does."

The Brooks County Sheriff's Office spent Wednesday executing more warrants at the Gosiers’ now abandoned home in northwest Brooks County.

The Sheriff's Office says the DEA became involved in the investigation more two and half years ago when drug agents say they made several cocaine purchases from the group, purchases they say were made with federal funds which have now led to federal charges being filed.

Jerry Miller, Chief Deputy of the Brooks County Sheriff's Office, says, "Big case, long case, a lot of hard work, a lot of man hours, lot of people involved, but finally came to an end; glad it's at an end; got a lot of people off the street that need to be off the street."

Kevin Lee from the Thomas County Narcotics Division says there are still a few more arrests pending in this case. Those already in custody will have several felony cocaine distribution and possession charges.

Lee says the suspects they have in custody now will go before federal magistrate in Albany, Georgia later this week, where formal charges will be filed.