Red Cross Help Center to Move

Thursday morning they had to open the doors to yet another building to make room for evacuees. There have been many late nights for Red Cross Disaster Services’ Chris Floyd.

He and other Red Cross workers and volunteers have been hard at work helping to get Katrina's victims back on their feet.

Chris Floyd says, "We're estimating that we have somewhere between 600 and 650 families we'll be meeting with in the days and weeks to come. Red Cross is going to be here as long as it takes."

There have been so many displaced families needing assistance, the chapter has had to move its family service center twice. Thursday morning the doors opened just down the road from its main office.

Chris Floyd adds, "Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce helped in putting the current service center together. Whenever we needed something I was able to get on the phone. They made it materialize from chairs to telephone lines."

Tallahassee Community College donated some of its computers so evacuees can get online. This way they're able to sign up for federal assistance through FEMA. So far, about 2,400 people have signed up to become a volunteer and 911 are already working, but there's still a need for more, especially experienced case workers and health care workers.

The big concern for Chris Floyd is he doesn't want people to forget when the media is on the next big story.