Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concerts

Many attended two special concerts to help those whose lives were changed by Hurricane Katrina.

For pianist Marvin Goldstein, playing music is a way of giving back and reflecting on those devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Other musicians on hand for a special concert at The Moon feel the same way.

Ed Bradley of Harvest Gypsies says, "It crosses over a lot of boundaries and it reaches people. It can also help them forget about their troubles for a while and have a good time."

Susan Star says, "Florida gets hit more than any other state with catastrophes and many people come to our aid. It's only appropriate that we come out to the aid of others. We're those type of people, we're very compassionate."

The famous Boys Choir of Tallahassee is also aiding in the relief effort with a concert at Trinity United Methodist Church. For these boys, Katrina's blow was felt extra hard.

Marilyn Collins, a nurse, says, "We established a boys choir of Louisiana about a year ago, and so many of them were affected by it."

Debra Clayton, a choir mom, says, "It's time for God's people to get together and show people that we do care, because that's what God wants us to do."

With each note these musicians are helping those affected by the storm become steps closer to rebuilding their lives. Friday a second benefit concert will be given at The Moon. Doors open at 5 p.m.