Commissioners Divided Over Coal Plant Referendum

Commissioner Allan Katz says he thinks the language is swayed.

Summed up it asks, "If the commission determines a coal plant will be built in Taylor County, regardless of the city's participation, should the city partner if it's among the cleanest, and the goals for using renewable fuels is increased?"

Allan Katz says, "We've added some of this other feel good language hoping to convince people that what the city is proposing to do is actually correct, and the fact of the matter is I think the facts will bear out, it's a poor decision."

Mark Mustian, Tallahassee City Commissioner, says, "People, no matter what the facts, are opposed to this, want the ballot language to be a certain way so it'll achieve a certain result, so I think no matter what ballot language we pick, someone will be unhappy with it."

We spoke to City Attorney Jim English. He says the ballot language is straightforward, factual and legal. Commissioners will vote on the ballot language Wednesday.