Online High School Diploma

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Students are getting a second chance at high school. This time it's self-paced and online.

Whitney Donald, a student with the online diploma program, says, "I like it ‘cause you know I get to work at my own pace and I get to study a little bit more and in my spare time I get to help other people with their work too."

School officials say the online degree program does not require students to pass the Georgia High School Graduation Test because students will receive their diploma from a private institution.

Joseph Lewis, online degree program teacher, says, "It's an official diploma. It's a high school diploma; they can apply for scholarships when they go to college. It's just like any other diploma."

The program not only gives students a second chance at getting a high school diploma, but it also lets kids participate in high school activities including walking with their graduating class later this year at Cairo High's West Thomas Stadium.

Tommy Pharis, Assistant Superintendent for Grady County, says, "This gives our students a unique opportunity to go ahead and get that high school diploma that might not otherwise have been accessible."

For students like Whitney Donald, this diploma means a chance at college, a career, and a better life.

Grady County school officials say they expect some students will be finishing up their degree this December.