Economic Development in Grady County

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Once a booming factory, the old Roddenberry pickle plant holds a special place in Grady County history, and Ruth Lee, who lives next door to the facility, says she's glad to see business return to the building.

Ruth says, "It will be a big help in Cairo because a lot of people will be needing jobs."

Members of the Grady County Joint Development Authority say some of the money from the One Georgia Grant will be coming to the old Roddenberry plant the authority purchased this summer, where they say they already have three tenants.

Rick McCaskill of the Grady County Joint Development Authority says, "The development authority about four months ago bought the old Rodenberry plant and we're making an industrial complex out of it, and we had applied for some money to help in the purchase of that, and this $200,000 that we got will go towards the purchase price of the million dollars."

McCaskill says the One Georgia Authority also awarded another $500,000 to McTavish Furniture to expand their facilities, and more notably, their workforce.

A grand total of $700,000 in grant money is flowing into Grady County, promoting development that makes residents happy.

It has Grady County developers looking forward to future economic ventures. Awards from the One Georgia Authority are financed by the state's tobacco settlement.