VSU Blood Drive

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At Valdosta State University, Blazer blood is a hot commodity, especially since they need 140 units in five hours.

"This is our rivalry blood drive," said John Wright, Assistant Director for Student Life.

This week is full of big competitions for VSU. Earlier this week the West Georgia Braves collected 139 units of blood for the American Red Cross. The universities use this competition to promote school spirit and hype the upcoming gridiron battle.

VSU staff members know, win or lose, their students are doing a good thing.

Wright says, "Our students are making a difference. They not only come to school here, but actually want to help the community they're a part of."

The Red Cross depends on community drives like this one to maintain its blood supply throughout the year, but with the holidays approaching, they need more and more donors.

Kathy Dallas with the Red Cross says, "The month of October has dipped, which has us a little worried going into the holiday season, November, December, because there is normally a dip during that time."

The Red Cross says the blood supply runs low this time of year.

"It's a busy time of year and they don't have time to come in and donate blood, and unfortunately, many times that's often a time when usage is up," says Dallas.

So if you're able to give blood, do it! You never know when you may need it yourself. This Saturday the Blazers play West Georgia's Braves in one of the biggest football rivalries in the region.