Sylvester Davis, Jr. Funeral

As police continue to investigate a murder, a family must say good bye to a loved one.

The Philadelphia Primitive Baptist Church was overflowing with family and friends. Hundreds came to pay their respects and to remember 33-year-old Sylvester Davis, Jr.

A preacher at the church said, "Even though this is a sad occasion, we'll still have our joy."

A woman attending Davis' funeral added, "We got to pick up the pieces people, and go on and press higher."

Some called him "Junior", others "Sly," but everyone who knows him knew of his work at the Lawrence Gregory Community Center.

A friend commented, "These kids in the back, that was his goal back there, to make sure that they stayed out of trouble."

A co-worker of Davis' added, "His work was good. He had a real impact on people, he was a blessing to us."

Plenty of tears were shed in Davis' memory. Mourners will remember him as a gentleman, a good father and childhood friend.

One woman said, "He's telling all you that he's alright. You want to do something for him, keep his memory alive.”

Remembering Sylvester, family and friends have found comfort in each other and in their faith.

Davis was an employee for the City of Tallahassee and was one of the managers the Lawrence Gregory at Dade Street Community Center. Co-workers say he will be greatly missed.