Hurricane Katrina Relief

It started as an e-mail between friends and grew into something far larger then anyone could have imagined.

At first glance it might look like a free for all at an indoor garage sale, but a closer look reveals a room filled with volunteers working around the clock sorting and bagging clothes for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Piles and piles are stacked nearly to the ceiling of women's clothing, children's, men's, pretty much anything, you name it and it's here waiting to be shipped to victims of Hurricane Katrina.

After a trip to areas devastated by the storm, Don Yaeger decided he wanted to help. He sent an e-mail to a few friends, who forwarded it to a few of their friends, and the rest is a room full of clothing.

Kristin Simpson, who drove from Stewart, Florida to help, says, "I had considered sending money. When I heard of this I knew I had enough friends and connections that I could make a substantial donation, so rather then send a check I decided to spend the money driving up here."

Kristin and her son drove from Stuart, Florida to help out. They are just one of many packing up mounds of donated clothing.

Volunteer Joshua Whitley added, "We're fortunate to have stuff and we didn't get affected by Katrina, so you know we came out here and help out to help those who are less fortunate."

Two semi trucks and a few planes have been donated to move the abundance of supplies from Tallahassee to Baton Rouge.