Picketers Protest Coal-Fired Power Plant in Taylor County

Protesters in Taylor County say they not only want their voices to be heard on the streets, but also on ballots.

Picketers gathered in front of the Taylor County Courthouse and county administration annex Monday night. They say they are upset that citizens did not have a say in the County Commission's decision to allow a billion-dollar coal fired power plant like the one in Jacksonville to be built in the county.

Janet Monroe, a protestor, said, "This is the United States of America, the land of the free. Where is our freedom to vote on this? We're not given that voice, we're not given that vote."

Taylor County Commission Chairman Daryll Gunter says commissioners do not see a need to have a referendum on the issue.

Tallahassee citizens received mail-out ballots to decide if the city should have a hand in the project. Ballots are due November 17.