Tallahassee Cares

For the past few weeks hundreds of evacuees of Hurricane Katrina have called Tallahassee home while they begin to put their lives back together.

Sunday night, on the fourth anniversary of September 11th, the City of Tallahassee wanted to show their support for victims of both tragedies.

"Tallahassee Cares" is the message community members say they want to convey to victims of both Hurricane Katrina and September 11th, 2001, and this musical event featuring the Tallahassee Boys Choir was a way to do that.

Tallahassee Mayor John Marks said, "This is not necessarily a fundraiser. Of course, if anybody wants to give money to the Red Cross, we ask them to do that, but we just want to show the community and let the community show how much we care about the people and what happened in these tragic events."

"It's 9/11 and I got a lot of deep feelings for that and also, for the victims of Hurricane Katrina down in New Orleans, I really wanted to come up and just let them know that we, the people of Tallahassee, really care about them," shared Michael Robinson, a Tallahassee firefighter.

Tallahassee's care for victims of Hurricane Katrina was acknowledged by an evacuee who has found comfort in his college town.

Robert Robinson shared with the crowd his own experience.

"Within three days, my son was enrolled in school, my wife had a part-time, substitute teaching job, Florida State gave me an office I could use to continue my work. Within a week, we had a home to stay in."

The people of Tallahassee were further able show their care at this event by participating in a candlelight vigil, making donations and signing giant cards for the victims.