Community Members “TEAM” Up

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Hundreds turn out Monday night to help make a difference in the community.

The faith based community organization TEAM, which stands for Tallahassee Equality Action Ministries, invited the public to an assembly at New Mount Zion Church.

Members of more than 16 congregations were there to present proposals for change to the county commissioners.

Their three areas of concern are homeless shelters, public transportation and health care.

"We want better health care facilities because there are people who have to wait several weeks or months to get into a clinic," said Pastor Jack Leland of Innovation Baptist Church. "We want better transportation because there are some areas that public transportation don't even go after certain hours, the shelters are very bad in some cases there are no shelters."

The organization works year round to improve issues in the community.

It was just back in June when 300 people got together to vote on this year's areas of concern.