Thomasville Burglaries on the Rise

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Thomasville Police say the proof is in the numbers.

Police say compared to this time last year, they've seen the total number of auto break-ins and burglaries increase by 33 percent, and that's enough to make Thomasville motorists such as Jane Peterman re-examine how secure they are.

"The difference is now that I lock my windows on my truck and everything. Before, I kind of left them open, but now I lock them and shut my doors and make sure everything is closed up,” Peterman says.

With burglaries already on the rise, and the holiday season just weeks away, Thomasville Police say those are two reasons Rose City residents should be extra careful.

"The holiday season usually brings an increase in all kinds of thefts, entering autos, burglaries, things like that and we ask people to be extra alert, to be more vigilant when leaving their homes,” explains SGT Rachelle Denmark of Thomasville Police.

SGT Denmark encourages residents to always be cautious when securing their belongings.

During the holiday she says that includes stopping mail deliveries when out of town and putting shopping bags in the trunk instead of front seats.

Extra precautions that Thomasville Police say can eliminate criminal opportunities, and stop the rise in Rose City burglaries.

Thomasville Police have created holiday safety brochures, and residents can just stop by the Thomasville Police Department and pick one up.