Epilepsy Awareness Month

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As part of its National Awareness Month, the Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend is hoping to dispel some myths.

Steve Jerger has dealt with Epilepsy since he was born. Despite what many believe, Jerger and case managers want people to know you can still lead a normal life. However, due to society's perceptions, Jerger admits he was once ashamed of his disorder.

"Over the past years I growed up to accept Epilepsy, and the foundation really helped me out, just believing in myself knowing I can do what anybody else can do,” Jerger explains.

Another myth, experts say you should not put a spoon in someone's mouth during an epileptic seizure. They say there is no threat the person will swallow their tongue, and doing so could lead to dental damage if the person clamps down on the spoon.