Shell Point Residents Mixed About Makeover

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It's a beautiful oasis nestled on Wakulla County's coast, a place where driving through town means cruising on a golf cart.

“Everybody down here uses a golf cart.”

And everybody knows just about everybody.

“We're like family; we just help each other.”

And even though the landscape looks battered and run down, don't be fooled.

“We've seen a lot of change.”

It’s change that began in the mid '80s.

Marcia Bjerregaard, a Shell Point resident, says, “We saw a busy basin full of boats, people on the docks partying on the weekends.”

Two decades later, their town seems deserted. The only noise some say is the sound of progress.

Donnie Sparkman with Community Development says, “There will be a ship store, restaurant, small motel.”

It's a total makeover, planned on 155 acres. Construction began last month when the old marina, restaurant and motel was demolished, leaving a huge hole in the middle of Shell Point.

But in a perfect world, Shell Point residents would love to see this area turned into a park, but they aren't holding their breath.

Ron Wigton, a Shell Point resident, says, “It's nice. Most of us would like to see it that way, but I know how business works."

With coastal lots selling for nearly a million bucks, you could say business is working in Shell Point. The Shell Point resort project is headed by Varnum and Associates and is just in its preliminary stages.

Wakulla County commissioners will likely address the issue in the new year.