No Place Like Home for Surveyed Florida Residents

Florida lawmakers are taking a hard look at what they can do to protect your property from city and county governments.

Earlier this year in a Connecticut case, the U.S. Supreme Court decided local governments have the right to take private property for use in economic development projects.

Carol Saviak with the Coalition for Property Rights says they’ve got a new poll by Mason-Dixon Research showing Floridians dead-set against that ruling.

Carol says, “We found that an overwhelming majority of Florida voters disagreed with the Kelo, Connecticut case decision on eminent domain, and they also strongly support legislative action to protect Florida citizens from this type of abuse.”

When asked, "How strong was it?" Carol replied, “It was almost overwhelming. Almost 90 percent, 88 percent of Floridians disagreed with the decision.”

A House committee on the protection of privacy rights met in the Capitol Tuesday to consider the issue for Florida. It hopes to have a plan for lawmakers to address in the 2006 legislative session.