FEMA Director Resigns

President Bush is accepting the resignation of the embattled Michael Brown. The change at the top comes on a day President Bush was back on the ground surveying the damage along the Gulf Coast.

President Bush, on his third visit to survey the hurricane relief effort in the gulf, was questioned mid trip about a sudden shake-up within his own recovery team.

"I have not talked to Michael Brown"

Michael Brown, the embattled director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency quit Monday amid controversy over his qualifications. The president, already stung by bad press over the federal response to the disaster, had little to say about Brown's resignation.

"When I get back on the plane, I will call Washington."

Within hours, FEMA had a new director, one of its top officials, David Paulison. A career firefighter, he's a man not expected to draw criticism.

In New Orleans tens of thousands of hurricane victims have already applied for help from FEMA and even as some progress is made, there are still daily reminders of how devastating Katrina was. Searchers made a gruesome discovery at a local hospital: more than forty bodies, mostly elderly. Many died while waiting to be evacuated from the storm. Help was there, but hospital officials say it may have been the extreme heat that killed them. Bothered but undeterred by the death that surrounds them, people in the French Quarter keep looking up and picking up.

At this point, even though the city feels like a ghost town, the locals who have stayed behind are hoping to bring it back soon, some say by Halloween, certainly by Mardi Gras, something at least to hold onto in this devastated community.