Homes for Hurricane Katrina Evacuees

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A Thomasville company is helping put roofs over the heads of those left homeless by Hurricane Katrina.

FEMA first asked Thomasville’s Stewart Park Homes for 100 temporary houses. That order has grown, and now the Rose City plant is working as fast as it can to manufacture 1,000 homes.

Workers at Thomasville’s Stewart Homes are in overdrive building temporary housing for Hurricane Katrina victims. But don't let the name fool you; the final product looks more permanent than temporary, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency wants them as soon as possible.

"They called us on Saturday and increased it from 100 to 500 units, and then called us back on Monday which was Labor Day, and asked us to go ahead and produce a thousand units for them."

And while workers here at the plant increase their workload to meet the order, some local residents are stepping up to make these houses.

"Our thought was, you think of the thousands of people this has affected, hundreds of thousands of people, and even as much as the care workers want, and I know they are working tirelessly, but it's got to feel like going through a line and by a number, and we wanted something personal."

Suzette Davis and friend Laura Williams are spearheading a household goods drive to fill each unit leaving the Thomasville plant. It's called the Thomasville Katrina Project, and they're asking for donations to be dropped off at this warehouse at 1100 Smith Avenue during designated drop-off times.

"It is a tangible way to give people things that they need. It's not going to a warehouse; it's not going to be going through many hands; it’s going directly to a person that's receiving a home then with all the necessities boxed within it."

Organizers with the Thomasville Katrina Project say you can also adopt a trailer to furnish for only $450, or make a financial donation to the organization. You can contact them at 229-558-9271.

The company is hiring more than a hundred new employees to handle the workload; that will more than double their current 100 person work crew.