Gadsden County to Provide Housing for Evacuees

Thousands of homes in New Orleans are still sitting in a watery grave of contaminated water and toxins, and hundreds of homes in Mississippi have been completely wiped out, leaving residents searching for a place to live.

Now, evacuees who've weathered the storm in the big bend area may be here for some time. Gadsden County officials are offering a sprawling apartment campus for displaced families and their children, giving them some form of normalcy as they try to put their lives back in order.

Red Cross officials say they're trying to put a referral system in place to assess the needs of the evacuees, from housing to school, all in a coordinated manner. And by next week, evacuees who choose to stay here will have a permanent place to call home.

Officials will be meeting with displaced families to give them an option of where they want to reside and provide referrals to evacuees.