ParentCONNECT in Thomas County Schools

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Parent involvement has a new meaning at Thomas County schools. School officials say ParentCONNECT a new online program, gives parents access to their child's attendance record, grades and schedule.

But some students aren't excited about this new cyber eye.

Alex Taylor, a sophomore at Central High, says, "I guess it's a good thing for the parents. I mean, I haven't heard kids say good things about it because they don't want their parents to know what their grades are."

Adrian Knight, a freshman, adds, "With my parents, they'll check it just about everyday and they'll probably push kids harder ‘cause they already know, and it's like another lifeline to the kids."

While students are giving the program mixed reviews, school employees say it's a way for parents to get involved with the click of a mouse.

Chrissy Taylor, a teacher and parent, says, "Being a teacher I have access to that anyway, but for other parents it's a great thing for them to be able to use."

School officials say ParentCONNECT is a free service and gives parents access only to their child's information. Eventually the system will automatically e-mail parents when students are absent and list assignments, projects and their due dates, a way for parents to keep an eye on their children through a computer screen.