Poor Peanut Crop in Georgia

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Peanut crops are out of the ground throughout much of Georgia, and some say they're disappointed with what they've got.

Larry Cunningham, a peanut buyer, says, "It looked really good in the ground for so long, but just like Christmas time when you open the package, until you open the box, you don't know what's inside."

What's inside, or rather, what was underground, is what many farmers describe as a peanut crop that lacks the sheer bulk and size they've come to expect.

Julian Knight, a Grady County peanut farmer, says, "I would say it's below average as a general rule in this area."

The peanut fields are now empty, but during the growing season farmers say the conditions were ideal, but say once they started harvesting they didn't get what they expected.

Larry Cunningham says, "This peanut crop has been, the best way to describe it, is just very average, and of course average will not do. In order to succeed we have to be above the mean."

For farmers who are already battling high fuel prices, succeeding becomes that much harder when a crop comes up short.

Peanut buyers estimate that Georgia will turn out a 2,650 pound peanut crop this year, a number they say ranks as a low yield in the Peach State.